Poes Adventure Journal
Tenth Entry (after 7/09 session)

So here I am again beloved…ahhh, Alia, why is it only in the dregs of my cups that I can find any solace without you? I thought perhaps dedicating myself to the Raven Queen’s service, dutifully praying and trying to advance her goals – though I still sometimes wonder at the import she has placed on this particular group – would ease that pain. It’s not to be. Only in the heat of battle do I find peace. At least these heroes of prophecy lead me into the thick of the fight more often than not…even when they decide to run, as they did in the forest.

We took off from the battle site as fast as our little dwarf’s legs could carry him. Try as we did though, we were not fated to elude the little frackers. They quickly ran us down from behind, almost literally as they were riding a huge lizard. The ensuing battle was bloody and brief. Six of the little frackers struck me with their short swords. Ron conjured waves of darkness to claw at them and Beros took one down with some well placed arrows. That’s when the lizard – and I say lizard only because Kleister spent most of the battle yelling that it wasn’t a dragon – spit poison at us. The green goo spewing from it’s mouth smelled as bad as it felt. I gritted my teeth, held my breath and stepped into the spray. That’s why She put me here I guess. Channeling her power I thrust the cold sword into the beast’s chest. It roared. Felt that one. Heh. My gloating got me into trouble as I failed to notice the lizard’s little kobold keeper slipping behind me. He quickly got my attention though, thrusting his short sword into my back. Kleister yelled at me, pointing out an opening and I took it, swinging my frost blade at the lizard again and connecting solidly. I heard a whistle and felt the wind of Guss’ sword cutting the air behind me, killing the little fracker who’d just stabbed me. A grunt and a dwarven curse indicated that our dwarf had deigned to enter the fray as well. Good for him. The lizard wasn’t done with me yet though. It chomped at me with its poison dripping fangs. I must not have tasted too good though as it promptly backed away after doing so. I pressed the attack, flailing wildly with my weapon. This time, the beast’s fangs struck true, injecting its poison into me. Frack. High pitched screams erupted behind me – Ron clearing out the kobolds by the sound of it. With its handlers dead, I took a chance and ordered the lizard to sit in my fiercest voice. Amazingly it began to back down…just in time to be caught by a magical bolt hurled by Ron. Ron’s magic killed it instantly. So much for riding out of there in style…

I suppose it was for the best – the Queen probably wouldn’t have taken too kindly to me letting it live anyway. The battle turned out to be the kobolds last gasp and we made it out of the forest without further incident. Interestingly enough the longer we stayed in the forest the more I began to understand why it (whatever “it” was) was so pissed off. I guess I’d be a little upset if my body had been invaded by parasitic green dragons and their foul minions. Understanding this didn’t make it any easier to sleep though so I was glad to leave the place behind.

The trip back to the fort went well. It was good to get back there. A lot had changed…most obviously that the fort itself was not as obvious. Apparently the negotiations with the gnomes had gone well – I heard that they spoke elvish – and the gnomes had cloaked the fort in an illusion spell. They’d also discovered a portal that would allow some of the magic using heroes to instantly travel between the fort and any other place that had a similar portal. The heroes were smart enough to be worried about this and so had blocked it up (after discussing ideas for using it as a trap for various evil creatures). The fields were growing well, too. Apparently the green dragon corpses really did make for good fertilizer. While the heroes regrouped and planned their next step, I caught up with the Raven. I was a bit disappointed to learn that he hadn’t killed anything yet, so I spent some time with him teaching him how to use the bloody axe and getting him up to speed on the Queen’s priorities.

Before too long the heroes decided to head to the mountains to visit the dwarves. Apparently they’d been told to present themselves there at the full moon some time ago. So off we went again…

Life on the road is becoming the norm for us. Traveling the plains especially is becoming old hat, but we did encounter something new this time: buffalo. A whole herd of them. It didn’t take me long to realize that they were likely the main source of food for those frackin’ flightless bird things. Frack. That put me on my guard Guss however saw the immediate danger – a stampede. He wisely led us to a rocky outcropping where we made out camp for the night. No stampedes and no birds things. Heh.

Things continued to be uneventful until we came to a road and followed the road to a city that looked to be about the size of Long Meadow. I guess the heroes had gotten a bit bored with life on the road. They decided to stop and enjoy the comforts of civilization for a night. Kobe took the lead, moving ahead of the rest of the group and attempting to talk his way past the gate guards. He was gone a while and from the looks we got from the guards as we came in he must have told them one heck of a story. Or maybe just paid them a bunch of money. Or perhaps both. Whatever he did, it got us in and to a comfortable looking inn. Ron wasted no time in getting himself hooked up at the inn, getting a good room and some companionship. I was happy to have Sunny procure me some new alcohol and promptly sat myself in the corner of the common room to test it out. I hadn’t even gotten through the first glass however when I noticed a raven sitting on the windowsill, looking at me knowingly. Frack. I corked my new bottle and followed the bird’s gaze. Two men sat in the opposite corner, their heads together. Clearly they didn’t want to be bothered and didn’t want to draw any attention to themselves. I looked at the bird again. He nodded at me. I sighed. OK, here we go. I took my bottle over to the men’s table, plunked it down in front of them, grabbed a chair and sat down. As I did so, the raven squawked loudly and flew away. Their eyes darted to it and both made the sign of the Queen. Interesting. I did the same. Then quietly showed them my holy symbol. It wasn’t long before we were discussing the sorry state of things for humanity. I told them about the Raven and how the Queen had chosen him as her champion. They agreed to spread the word among Her followers. In return, I acquired some gold from Sunny and Kobe and donated it to their group. All in all, a good night’s work and I don’t think the Queen begrudged my finishing off the remaining bottle by myself. Heh.

The next morning I learned that Ron had procured me a fancy suit of plate armor. Guess he likes having me between him and the bad guys…and on my feet. Heh. I also learned that Guss had started recruiting people from the town to emigrate to the heroes’ fort. Worst of all, several of the Queen’s worshippers I had talked with the night before approached me with a plan to overthrow the orc governor of the town. I deferred, but hooked them up with the heroes and let them decide. Predictably, we were soon planning to storm the governor’s mansion. As I sit here writing this, they’re feverishly working on their attack plans. Me? I don’t care as long as I get to kill some orcs. They killed me not too long ago. I figure I owe them. Heh. Heck, today’s as good a day as any to die.

We’re catching our breath here, so I have a moment to write. Battle was joined as the sun broke above the horizon this morning. We snuck Beros into town with a hat pulled down over his pointy ears (he wouldn’t let us cut them round…) and ambushed the orcs at the front door of the mansion. Sunny successfully lured one of the guards out but the other sprinted inside and pounded on a gong. So much for the fancy plan. Guss and I charged the door, leaving the rest of the heroes to deal with the first orc guard. Kobe and Beros were on the case, so we figured they’d be fine. The gong ringing orc charged back out of the door, right into Guss’ steel. The orc had friends behind him though – and at least one of them either had magic abilities or an uncommonly close relationship with the local garbage heap: a swarm of flies flew out of the building, surrounding me, biting me and obscuring my sight. Lucky for me, the flies moved on quickly. I heard Ron cursing…they must have found him instead. Heh. The yells of the orc outside suddenly gurgled and stopped. I caught a glance of Beros, looking grim, nocking a new arrow. Score one for the good guys. I stepped into a hail of blades – damn orcs and their frackin’ axes – trying to keep up with Guss who was pressing into the building. Ron followed right behind me, wreathed in fire and throwing one of his magical stinking clouds past me. I was bleeding heavily and Guss was looking like he’s hurting. The Queen however had other plans for today. My new prayer beads iced up and Her power flowed through me, healing both myself and Guss. Arrows whistled past me and buried themselves into the one-eyed orc’s shoulder. That should slow him down I thought. The Queen’s power was still flowing strongly through me so I struck out with it, lending it to my nearby comrades as well. Ol’ One-eye was still back though – he threw some sort of disease at Guss, who almost immediately began to take on a greenish hue. Uh oh, I thought. Luckily Beros and Kobe had finally joined the fun. Kobe walked straight up to One-eye and calmly stuck his daggers in the grimy creature’s chest. I dropped the orc still holding and was rewarded with the Queen’s blessing. Energized I charged forward. Guss beat me there, bashed One-eye with his shield and with a sweep of his blade, ended the creature’s foul existence.

So here we are…getting ready to put an end to this orc governor’s hold on this town. If She wills it, I shall relate how it went to you when I can. If not, I shall join you, Alia, in eternity.



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