An ultra conservative cleric that esposes the greatness of the God Bahatma to everyone that will listen (and even those that don't)


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Durkon was born and raised in a deep isolated cave in the Pellor mountains as the fifth of nine dwarven children.  He grew up working in the cave for long days.   When he and his siblings did play games, Durkon would become infuriated at any infraction of the rules.  This inflexibility combined with his explosive temper did not endear Durkon to any of his siblings.  When Durkon was 15 he had a chance to see a traveling preacher of the god Bahamut who showed  Durkon that the path to salvation was paved with the blood of evil.  At the age of 16 he declared  that most of his brothers and sisters were heathens for one reason or another and set off to serve the  one true God, Bahamut.  He ended up joining an order of human clerics but his temper made life difficult for everyone.   In an attempt to control his anger, Durkon practiced hard with the only weapon he had ever learned, the War hammer.  After years of study, Durkon was sent on a mission, to bring the light of Bahamut to the world.


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