Two generations ago, the orc tribes were united under a green dragon and swept through the dwarven strongholds, burnt the elven forests and enslaved the human tribes of the grasslands. Signs and prophets are beginning to foretell that a change in the winds of fortune is coming, although no one can predict what form that change will take.

Our brave adventurers have endured many trials. From their original challenges with goblinkin to their adventures throughout the plains and into the realm of the Lions of Moonsong to their close encounter in the Jade Cities and finally to the liberation of the Grim Watcher and the lifting of the curse in the barren desert.

Our Heroes

  • Beros, the Elven Ranger. Master of the longbow.
  • Durkon, the Dwarven Cleric. High Cleric of the Grim Watcher.
  • Guss, the Human Warrior. A bastion of strength and durability.
  • Kleister Fokken, the Human Warlord. Master of tactics.
  • Kobe, the Halfing rogue. Nothing escapes his glance and few escape his blades.
  • Poe, the Human Paladin (deceased). Struck down in the battle at Jorn the Giantslayers keep. Body remains unrecovered.
  • Sunny Mathis Fintona, the half elven barmaid and warlock.
  • Ron, the human wizard. “Wizards are hot!”



Moonsong City

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