The orcs are not currently at full scale war with each other, each tribe having basically decided to consolidate their hold on their new found lands and instead reap the benefits of having subjugated lands and races that are far nicer than the northern wastes where the Orc tribes had lived for generations.

From Moonsong

The orcs of the plains of Moonsong City are primarily of the Flaming Fist tribe.  The core of the tribes power is headquartered in Moonsong City, with satellite chieftains stationed in the larger towns on the plains.  Orcs are not afraid of warfare and use patrols supplied by slaves to roam the plains and keep the roads clear.  There is a fair amount of corruption in the orc ranks, resulting in every increasing loads being placed on the humans, halfings, and dwarves who serve as the economic backbone of the land.

Orcs are known to reward lavishly people who turn in elfs to orc patrols, and they are also known for random cruelty against any settlement that does not promptly meet an orc demand.  At times, these demands can be unreasonable, or even impossible, the orc patrol leader having already seen something that he wants and decides to take it through force.



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