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Moonsong City was constructed by Elfish craftsmen for humankind as a gift to show elfish/human solidarity after a 200 year war ranging along the Cleartear River between the forest dwelling elves and the plains dwelling human forces.  It becomes a center of trade, learning, and culture.

For over five hundred years, Moonsong City is the center of commerce on the Cleartear River, a meeting point of Elfish and Human leaders.  Even the dour dwarves of the Black Lady Mountains occasionally came to visit, eventually becoming a strong trading partner of both the Elfish and Human nations.

50 years ago, an Orcish incursion into the Black Lady dwarfish stronghold Ironhold was reported.  At first, nothing was thought of it.  The Dwarves had fought the Orcs for generations, and the attack was thought to be the result of a famine in the Orcish wastelands.  Too late, was the truth known.

A green dragon of considerable size named Glimmer had forged three orcish tribes into a sizable force.  For years these orcish tribes had warred amongst themselves and the dwarves.  Now they represented a sizable army, bound in service to a source of unspeakable evil in Glimmer.  They swept through the surprised and undermanned dwarfish settlements and citadels of the Ironhold fortress.  At every juncture where it appeared that the dwarves might yet stem the tide, Glimmer would break their backs with her singular power.

(See: War of Iron and Blood)

The dwarfish refugees began to pour into the elfish capital of Ihduhapi Forest and the human settlement of Moonsong City.  Stunned leaders began to prepare a defense.  The Orcs attack was slow in coming.  The elfish leaders began to wonder aloud about the veracity of the dwarves claims of a green dragon.  Surely, they thought, a green dragon would attack the elfish forests long before they would attack the dwarves mountain stronghold.  The lack of any reliable eyewitnesses to the dragon's power further caused the elf's doubts to grow.  The great elvish mages were also unable to turn up any evidence of a dragon.  They were able to scry into the fortress, but unable to see any threats other than Orcs.

Meanwhile the humans of Moonsong City send forth scouting parties to the Black Lady to verify what the elvish magic could not.  These scouting parties were repeatedly beaten back by intense Orcish resistance and an uncanny knack of being able to detect even the most stealthy of scouts.  While this behavior seemed unusual for Orcs, it did not verify the dwarfish claims.

The worries over the next five years faded as the Orcs seemed content with their new spoils.  They did not make any advances into the elvish forests or the human fields.  They even seemed eager to trade with unscrupulous merchants.  Then came what became known as The Weeping War.

Using a magicial artifact of ancient times, Glimmer struck down the high wizards of the elves.  Unable to cast their most powerful of spells, the elves were severely crippled in their homeland defense.  They fought bravely and with tenacity, but within ten days, the orcish forces were streaming into the elfish capital of Highforest Glade, before the human allies of the elves could react.  The dragon devastated the city as she wrought her fury on the elves.  Those few who escaped spoke of the tortured landscape and claimed they can hear the land itself scream in pain under the withering assault.

The humans belatedly realized their peril.  Moonsong City again became the focal point of the elfish and human nations.  Joined by the last remnants of the dwarfish forces, they struck a hurried and determined defense against the oncoming storm.

It was at Moonsong city, that the dragon Glimmer met defeat.  While the battle raged around the city, and humans, elves, dwarves and orcs fell, the human hero Alan the Tallwalker met the dragon Glimmer on the field of battle.  Calling upon the elvish gods to aid him, he struck a crippling blow with a glowing longspear enchanted with fire and ice by the vengeful elvish clerics.

Although Glimmer was defeated that day, the orcish troops still proved to be too numerous for the beleaguered defenders.  Even in his moment of glory, Alan the Tallwalker was struck down by a volley of orcish spears.  The orcs took the town and ruthlessly pursued any elvish fighter they could find, destroying any that they could find.

The orcs had been dealt a heavy blow.  Without the iron claw of Glimmer to lead them, the three orcish tribes began again to fight amongst themselves.  It was this in fighting that saved the human settlements.  As the war amongst the tribes intensified and lines of control were drawn, it became more important to leave the humans and dwarves as subjected races instead of systematically destroying them.  The dwarfish craftsmen were forced into creating weapons of war, while the humans were forced to reap the bounty of the land for orcish mouths.  The elves however, were still hated and killed on sight.

So it remains some 45 years after Dragon's death that our story takes place, starting in the town of Havenbrow.

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