Pop around 2000 people, GP Limit is 1000gp. Longhaven is located about six days northeast of Moonsong City. There are three primary economic activities in Longhaven, dairy farming, apple orchards, and some livestock.

The village of Longhaven is prehaps one of the most successful of the human settlements of this generation. It exists far enough from Moonsong City's seat of power that they can operate more or less freely as long as the tributes are met on time to the flaming fist tribe. The success hangs over the town like a knife and the people here work to hide some of thier success so as not to draw more of an eye from Moonsong City.

The village has a small standing garison of orc raiders. They are led by an ogre of fairly good size and legendary quickness named Gnash Boneeater. His loyalty to the flaming fist is a bit loose and he accepts bribes from the human population to keep quiet about their success to his superiors. Crime is virtually unheard of in Longhaven as convicted criminals have frequently become Gnash's dinner. A whispered story around the taverns in the surronding areas is that one thief had his arm eaten off by the ogre cheiftain while he was bound to a table as punishment for his crime.

The village has the population and resources to support four inns and numerous small shops. If you need it, and you're not willing to go to Moonsong City to get it, Longhaven is your best shot.


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