Humans have been the dominate race on the plains east of the cleartear river for much of the last 500 years. 

From Moonsong

When the human survivors of the Crystal Kingdom began to flood into the plains east of the Cleartear river following the destruction of their lands to the south and east, the elven nation of the woods on the west side of the river helped them.  But when they started to take more of the forest across the river than the Elves felt could be sustained, tensions mounted.  The desperate human settlements felt they had little choice but to harvest wood needed to construct settlements and defend against the native goblin and gnoll tribes that roamed the areas.  The conflict was bitter, brutal and long; lasting over 200 years.

(See: War of the Cleartear River)

The conflict ended primarily because the human population had reached an equilibrium with nature sometime earlier.  No longer threatening the forests unduly, the elves sued for peace, eager to withdraw from a war of attrition with a race so prone to passion.  They build the humans a glorious city on the banks of the cleartear, a marvel of wood and stone that would stand for years to come.

Humans held this city and the plains around it for the next 250 years.  They built roads between their settlements and sent foodstuffs by the wagon out to thier allies in exchange for wood and iron.  Now, however, most human farmers struggle to meet their quotas placed on them by their Orc overlords.


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