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Pop around 500 people, GP Limit is 50gp.

The hamlet of Havenbrow is the last outpost of civilization before the three-week trek to the opening of Aldair's pass through the Sharptooth Mountains. It is loosely control by the Flaming Fist tribe who sends monthly orc patrols to collect tribute and enforce orc law. The hamlet mostly exists as a commune. The farmers work the fields surrounding the walls jointly and take equal pay and food from the harvests. The general store and tavern are the obvious exceptions and operate as separate concerns.

No one is allowed into the hamlet after dark and the people are generally fearful of the dark outside the walls, speaking of the wild dogs, bears, and goblins that exist outside the walls. For the most part, their fears are justified although none of the threats have enough strength to attack the hamlet in force. The constable is out every night to enforce the hamlet�s rules and keep the peace.

Havenbrow's Rules for Peace

  • No one sleeps out of doors inside the walls. Pay for a room or be turned out.
  • No weapons play inside of the walls.
  • No magic inside of the walls unless sanctioned by the elders or constable.
  • No one enters the walls after sundown and before sunup.
  • No stealing
  • No killing
  • No inciting violence
  • No evil speak of our friends at Moonsong City

Havenbrow is located northeast of Moonsong City, about eight days travel.

Major Points of Interest:

Laughing Waters Tavern & Inn
Owned by Tillar, the only tavern on the road to the Pass of Aldair is well frequented during the months of travel along the foothills of the Sharptooth mountains. Tillar employs three serving girls, one of which, Jan, doubles for singing entertainment on busy nights. He also employs Han, a mountain of a man who cooks and keeps some peace.

The Laughing Waters has a common room and three private rooms for rent nightly.

  • Common Room Nightly : 6sp, Rooms : 17sp nightly
  • Meals : 2-5sp depending on day and menu
  • Mug of Ale : 4cp, Pitcher Wine : 2sp, Better wines stored in cellar costs 1-8gp

Gorn Hilstock's General Store
Owned and run by Gorn Hilstock, he keeps a variety of tools, trade goods, and food for journeys. Most of his equipment sells for what is listed in the Handbook, he has any adventuring gear that costs less than 2gp and can usually trade or acquire anything else with the help of a business associate Uri Rockslinger, a halfing female famous for turning trades and acquiring rare and unusual items from passing caravans.

Gorn also stocks or can come by most of the trade goods listed in the players� handbook. He does not stock more than a few weapons and very few pieces of armor. If needed, he employs an old dwarf, Marii, who can still manage to see his way around a smithy to create new pieces.

Shrine to Danot, Spirit of Water
The shirne to Danot is kept hidden on the far side of the well area. It is a quiet area where people feel peace. When the orc patrols visit, it is kept hidden by some crates. There is a resident shaman, Tyn who gives the hamlet some sense of hope for better days

Winters can be harsh this close to the Sharptooth mountains. The residents of the hamlet store their harvests here for the long winter. Cats frequent the area and are generally looked as good favor as they keep the rats out.

The stable has a very light roof, but it keeps the majority of the weather off of the animals kept here.

Great Hall
The great hall is used by the hamlet for celebrations of harvests, weddings, births, and deaths.

People of Note:


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