Halfings have, for as long as people can remember, been a part of human society. They excel in roles as traders and occasionally craftsmen. Halfings do have a set of customs outside of human society, but they are usually rather quiet about how it works. For the most part, they take place in most Human traditions.

Halfings usually follow human governmental procedures. In groups dominated by halfings (rare) they revert back to a matriarchal societal structure where the eldest female is typically looked on as the leader. She would mediate conflicts and bless unions between halfings in her group.

After the fall of Moonsong City

Halfings, like humans are not treated well by the Orcs of the Flaming Fist. However, they are able to make a living by helping the orc war chieftains to inventory and collect needed materials to feed the orcs, humans, and dwarves who work for them. Also, like humans, there are halfings who are not above working enthusiastically with the orcs to route out troublemakers, often acting the part of spies.

The Lions of Moonsong

Halfing tribe. Nomadic. Fiercely independent, these halfings have survived now for decades on the plains. Hiding from larger orc patrols and generally living under the nose of the Flaming Fist. They have bonded three generations of saber cats ago.

The Lions speak in Elfish frequently to each other, although they are also capable of speaking common.


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