Society before The Weeping War

For as long as anyone can remember or stories have been told, the elves have lived in Ihduhapi Forest.  Living in harmony with the large tracts of forest west of the Cleartear river, they have defended it against anyone who would seek to destroy it.  This includes a long war against the human survivors of the Crystal Kingdom disaster.

Elven society was hierarchically structured, with all power deriving from the "Prince of the Forest Green and Night Sky."  His court of advisers would represent the leadership of the various areas that the elf society felt was the most important, including preservation of the nature world, magical research, divine worship, and martial prowess.

Once dwarven clans came to settle the Black Lady mountains, the elves found a willing partner to trade foodstuff and wood for metal workings.  This arrangement worked well for both races and they maintained a healthy respect and mutual admiration even if they were also more than happy to leave each other's preferred areas for settlement alone.

When the human survivors of the Crystal Kingdom began to flood into the plains east of the Cleartear river following the destruction of their lands to the south and east, the elven nation helped them.  But when they started to take more of the forest across the river than the Elves felt could be sustained, tensions mounted.  The desperate human settlements felt they had little choice but to harvest wood needed to construct settlements and defend against the native goblin and gnoll tribes that roamed the areas.  The conflict was bitter, brutal and long; lasting over 200 years.

The conflict ended primarily because the human population had reached an equilibrium with nature sometime earlier.  No longer threatening the forests unduly, the elves sued for peace, eager to withdraw from a war of attrition with a race so prone to passion.  They build the humans a glorious city on the banks of the cleartear, a marvel of wood and stone that would stand for years to come.

After The Weeping War

The highest ranks of the Elvish wizard's council were decimated by the dragon Glimmer's ritual.  The remaining Elven defense was no match for the orc tribes streaming out of Ironhold.  The war was over in days.  As a result, the elvish people are scattered to the winds.  Those who survived did so by going primitive and living off the land in small groups.  Most exist in the forests still, cautiously avoiding the orc patrols that seek them out.  Some survive on the wild plains of the human lands.  All survive through toughness and theft.  The last hope for most of the Elfs is to die at least bleeding the hated orc oppressors significantly before they head to the afterlife.

A hope for the future?

Recently, Elfs who can still practice the mystic arts of divinition have uncovered signs that a change in the course of history is coming.  While unable to do much to localize or even understand if it bodes ill or well for the Elfs, they do forecast that a change is coming.  As a result they have been sending Elfs seeking adventure into isolated human settlements (like Havenbrow) to try to have some impact on whatever this might be.


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