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    [[Map of the Region]] 

    [[Moonsong City]] was constructed by Elfish craftsmen for humankind as a gift to show elfish/human solidarity after a 200 year war ranging along the [[Cleartear River]] between the forest …

  • Crystal Kingdom

    The Crystal Kingdom was an ancient human civilization. In the times before remembering, and for ages before it, the humans of the Crystal Kingdom lived in this region. Their main hub was to the south and east where the barren wastes exist now.

  • War of Iron and Blood

    The War of Iron and Blood describes the conflict between the three orc tribes lead by Glimmer against the dwarf clans of the Black Lady mountains.

    Initial Skrimishes

    Battles between the orcs of the northern wastelands …

  • Glimmer

    Green Dragon (dead)

    Glimmer forged an orc army out of the three Orc tribes that had inhabited the lands north of the Black Lady mountains. In [[The Weeping War]] he led those forces …

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