Moonsong City

Formation of an Adventuring Company

The town of Havenbrow was getting desperate.  The last caravan from the east was a week overdue.  This is a vital trade line for the town.  If they are not able to send some of their manufactured foodstuffs to the east, they'd have to take their chances that the Orcs of the Flaming Fist would just take it.  The trade route meant that they could live just a little more free than most humans on the plains.

 Luckily, the good people of Havenbrow were able to recruit some new champions.  From the farm fields, Poe, a paladin dedicated to the Raven Queen.  From Longhaven, the weatherman, [[:Ron Burgundy]], master of the arcane.  Wandering from parts unknown, Kobe, a halfing warrior.  Looking for more than a life as a caravan guard, Guss and Kleister Fokken decided to help, Kleister the first to stand for the people of Havenbrow.  Rounding out the group was the stout dwarf Durkon.

(Left to right: Guss, Klositer, Ron, Kobe, Beros, Poe, Durkon)


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