Sunny Mathis Fintona


Born on the first day of the Spring festival, Sunny Mathis Fintona.

5'5", 125#, blue-green eyes and very blonde hair.

Fond of bright colored clothing, specifically yellows, oranges & golds. 

Gregarious, outgoing, able to flirt with anyone. 

Raised by her human mother Gwen Fintona after her father was killed trying to protect a caravan.  Works at a tavern originally owned by her uncle Camber Mathis, waiting tables and collecting payment from patrons late with their tabs, using her 'persuasive' warlock abilities to convince people to pay up – sometimes leaving them with no recollection of paying.

Fond of tea, and carries a supply of tea and a small teapot everywhere she goes.

Fluent in common, elvish and dwarven.  (going to take a feat sometime to pick up three more languages, too.)

Weakness for gold jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets.

Sunny Mathis Fintona

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