Moonsong City

Redepmtion Part I

Poe’s Journal


This will have to be quick. I’m sitting in the woods, on the banks of a fast moving river, as the heroes weigh their options. Orc horns are sounding in the distance and Ron’s falcon friend (Baxter I think he called him), is reporting scores of kobolds heading our way. Yeah, as if we haven’t already killed enough of the little frackers. You’d think they’d take a hint. Anyway, we won’t have much time to lick our wounds before all hell breaks loose again. I figure I should get some of this down while I have the chance…especially since the last week or so I’ve been too busy praying at night to properly record anything. From the sounds of things – and the nervous arguing of my intrepid hero friends this might be my last chance. Ahhh! Alia! Perhaps I’ll be with you soon…

So, if you’ve been keeping up you’ve long since realized that our heroes have a greedy streak a mile wide. If that’s the case, you’ll not be at all surprised to learn that after dispatching the two dragons at their fort their thoughts immediately turned to the beasts’ hoards. Well, almost immediately. First, they concocted a plan to acquire seeds to take advantage of the outrageous fertility spawned by the corpses of the two dragons. Apparently, the monsters’ dead bodies make great fertilizer. I’ve spent some time on a farm recently and believe me – I haven’t ever seen anything like this. If their plan pans out and Sunny and Kobe are able to trade some of the dragon parts to the gnomes for seeds the humans the heroes are leaving behind will be eating like kings with very little effort. Lucky bastards. I suppose this makes up for letting the dragon eat a bunch of them. Heh.

All my praying seems to have paid off, too. I think I’m at least on speaking terms with the Queen again. While everyone was bustling around looting kobold bodies and such, my prayer beads suddenly got cold. That was right about when I noticed a large raven sitting on the body of one of the dragons. The bird cocked its head at me and gave me that knowing look. I followed its gaze to where a group of the humans were busy cleaning up some of the mess of the battle. One of the men stood out…a good half a foot taller than the rest, his head crowned with waves of long black hair. Hmm. The raven looked at me, then at the former slave, then at the bloody axe. Ahhh. Slowly I figured it out…interesting. I hefted the axe and walked over to him. His eyes widened as I explained the weapon’s powers and uses to him. Understanding and then grim determination took over as I quietly told him about the Queen, the raven and the cold cycle of fate and death that all of us are trapped in. He nodded slowly as I told him that he was no longer to be called Crag. He was now “the Raven” and fated to spread the Queen’s judgment in the world. The Raven promised to use the bloody axe and to prepare another to take it up when he finally met his fate. It was my turn to nod and then, without thinking, I handed him my prayer beads. They were ice cold. He took them reverently and we both jumped as the large black winged raven launched into the air from the dragon’s corpse, cawing loudly. It felt right at the time, but I sure could use those prayer beads right about now. From the looks of things, we’re going to need all the help we can get.

So where was I…yeah, after christening the Raven, I learned that the heroes had decided to indulge their greedy streak. So while Kobe and Sunny set off for the Summit of Three Races, the rest of us set off after the dragon hordes. Beros and Ron start tracking the kobolds – no mean feat considering the time that had passed. A couple of days and sleepless nights on the plains – hard to sleep when I keep thinking about those frackin’ flightless bird things pecking me apart – and we’re hopelessly lost and the tracks have become too muddled to follow. We wander around a bit and, as food supplies start getting low have to begin eating off the land as we go. Prairie dogs and roots. Yum. I’ve never been so happy to see a river in my life. Well, until I realized that the heroes expected us to cross it. Heh.

Thankfully they decided to look for a better spot to cross. It was pretty swift moving where we were. We came upon one pretty quickly, too. Unfortunately, it turned out to be Moonsong City…seat of power of the hated orcs. The heroes used their heads on this one and decided not to attempt to use its bridges to get across the river. Apparently the strain of wandering in the sun had affected both our dwarf and Ron…for after three days of walking alongside the river trying to find a way across they both independently realized that they have the ability to cast water walking rituals on us…assuming we can pony up the 10 gold pieces of course. Remember…greedy. Heh. Luckily Guss’ friend Kleister – a true leader – pays my way. I knew there was a reason the Queen wanted him to have that spear.

After the dangerous trek across the river – hey, you ever tried walking across rapids? You may not be in any danger of sinking and drowning, but it’s still frackin’ hard to stay on your feet. We found a lot of kobold tracks and even a series of shrines. It appears that there are at least two different bloodlines of green dragons being worshiped by the little frackers. As if one fork tongued dragon family wasn’t enough. I suppose they need two so they don’t interbreed too much and all become stupid. Heh.

The forest turned out to be a crappy place to hang out, too. I thought the plains were bad… but here it’s as if the trees are alive. And not with the sound of music. I’m not saying I’m usually a good sleeper – especially when I’m sober – but there’s something in these woods that is just giving me the creeps. As if the trees themselves are pissed off. I’m almost longing for the prairies and those damn birds. Almost. We kept walking…I don’t know, maybe the heroes think there’ll be signs eventually or something. You know – “This way to the dragon’s lair…” or “Here be dragons…” or something. All there is are these frackin’ shrines though. Ron kicks one over…then another…and then another. Maybe that’s what prompts the kobold attack. Or maybe it was seeing our dwarf start trying to put the moves on me. You know, there are some things I won’t do for the heroes of prophecy. I’m all for our dwarf coming out but he’s going to have to back off or Queen’s wrath or not I’ll pop him. Besides, I’m pretty sure Ron would be more willing to help him out. Ron seems willing to do anything for a good time. Thankfully, the kobold attack took my mind off of that mental image. The kobolds seemed to be keying on poor Beros, hitting him with several javelins in their first volley, so I jumped in front of him. I felt a cold shiver run through me and his wounds began to heal back up. I guess I can still get some love even if I don’t have my prayer beads. Heh. The battle was fierce and fast. I spent most of it trying to keep Beros from getting hit. Whatever the Queen had done, every time he took a javelin or a sword thrust from one of the little frackin’ kobolds I felt it as if it had hit me. Gah! Talk about making things personal. Ron, Kleister and Guss didmost of the heavy lifting and pretty soon all of the little frackers were dead. Ron looted their bodies carefully – he clearly didn’t want to miss any of those pricey balls of string you know. Remember…greedy.

After a bit more traveling, and nearly walking right into a major kobold community, the heroes decided to rest – as much as possible in these accursed woods – and then head to some appointment they apparently have with the dwarves. Yeah, I thought all the dwarves were basically dead, too. Guess I was wrong. Darn orc propaganda. I can’t trust anything I learned growing up. So, since we’re stuck between the kobolds and the orc city, we found what we thought was a good spot to walk back across the river and Ron and our dwarf started to cast the water walking ritual again. They didn’t get too far though – the kobolds returned. Guess they wanted a rematch. Heh.

Beros was ready for them this time – shooting down three of the liitle beasts as the first group of eight charged out of the woods at us. He paid for it though as they all seem to once again concentrate on killing him. I felt a cold shiver run up my spine. Uh oh. Here we go again. I moved to cover the elf as Guss and Kleister got into defensive positions. Ron was on fire. Literally. After bursting into flame, he conjured black shifting shadows, deflected a kobolds magical attack – scolding the creature for attacking him – and then, when he saw our dwarf surrounded by eight of the little frackers, blasted them all, leaving only our flaming dwarf (heh) and a lone kobold standing. I’m was gritting my teeth as Beros kept getting hit and one kobold after another took their turn shoving a spear into my gut. Seeing Kleister in trouble, I charged over to him, freeing him to go to our dwarf’s aid. A few of the kobolds tested Ron’s fiery aura. From the smells and screams, I guessed that didn’t go too well for them. Heh. Our dwarf did an admirable job as a spotter for Ron, serving as the point of attack for a stinking cloud and some sort of phantasm spell. It wasn’t long before the heroes had the kobolds on the ropes. Kleister impaled one of their shamans on the dragon killing spear and then did a little mocking victory dance. That did it. The rest of the kobolds broke off and fled. Not before a couple of them jabbed me with their swords though. Lucky for me, our dwarf was right there and sickeningly eager to touch me. Gah! At any rate, I was healed and able to ram the Queen’s cold blade through the last kobold.

So there you have it. And here we are. It sounds like they’ve made a decision. So, my Queen it seems my task is not yet finished. But today, like every day, is a good day to die…




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