Moonsong City

A Weapon for a Hunt

For two months, the dwarven smiths and artisans poured over their work. Songs and shouts as the dwarves worked in shifts both night and day slaving over the work. As it progressed, it became more and more apparent that this was a weapon that was shaped by more than just mortal hands. The dwarven smiths would say they felt as if Moradin himself was guiding their hands on the hammer and bellows, while artisans worked in a room whose source of radiance was not well understood.

Three days into the effort, the goliath tribes from the Grim Watcher arrived with what they would not be dissuaded from believing was a holy set of two raven feathers. The artisans worked them into the weapon after flash casting them in precious metals.

When the work was done, the dwarves stepped back, in awe of their own work. This, this was a weapon of power, one that would put right an oath broken. This was a weapon meant to seek out the betrayer of dwarven trust. The name officially given the weapon was “Oathbound”, although an occasional drunken dwarf might be forgiven if he called it by its less inspiring name, “The Grudge”

Oathbound, Staggering Glaive +3
Weilding Oathbound allows the user to activate an interrupt power any time there is an opportunity take make against the wielder. If the basic melee attack hits, the opportunity attack is abated and the attacker takes basic melee damage

  • Death’s Delivery: Double crit range v. Undead; 3d12 crit damage v. Undead
  • Daily: Flash of Light: Standard targets enemies; close burst 5; attack v. Fortitude; 4d8 radiant damage, close burst 6-8 2d8 radiant damage
  • Sad Song: If sung a ballad; upon successful perform check (DC15) all empty drinking glasses with 5 fill with a shot of whiskey.
  • Forged in the heart of the mountain: Touching Oathbound to weapon or armor of dwarven manufacture will restore that weapon to brand new condition. (up to 20 pieces weekly)



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