Moonsong City

A Hilltop Fort

The wind whipped up as Guss stood atop of the four watch towers warding his new fort. It had been a good couple of days. The gnolls had been routed, Ron apparently had a spell that could help fix up the holes in the fort, and those birds couldn’t get over the walls. A good couple of days.

Meanwhile, Tyr was with The Lions of Moonsong, escorting the freed human slaves to connect with the other half of the party. The plains seems like a long way from the mountains. The halfings had decided to move after capturing an orc scout. It would seem there were now two green dragons hunting the plains looking for the star metal and Kobe. They felt the chances were better in the fort.

Ron’s time was spent reviewing the new ritual book they’d found buried deep inside the burnt out shell of the keep. The book had a couple of rituals in it. Enchant Magic Item, Eye of Alarm, and Gentle Repose.



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